BREAKING: 26 Dead, 600 Missing In Guatemala Mudslide

April 27, 2023 12:52 am7 commentsViews: 60

34 rescued alive from mud and rubble – CONRAD officials
United States, Cuba and several other countries offered help – President Alejandro Maldonado


At least 26 people have been killed and 100 others missing after about 300 feet high rain-sodden hillside collapsed onto a town on the outskirts of Guatemala City.

Alejandro Maldonado, executive secretary of Conred, emergency disaster agency of Guatemala, said the number of missing people may go up to 600 even though family members are claiming 100 missing.

TV footage reveals hundreds of rescue workers have responded to the scene immediately and trying to reach survivors desperately by using shovels and backhoes.

So far only one man alive has been rescued.

The hill is about 10 miles east of Guatemala City.

Note: Developing stories. Most information coming. Keep visiting.


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