Russia’s Entry To Syria War Complicates Battlefield: Obama

Russias Entry To Syria War Complicates Battlefield Obama
Russias Entry To Syria War Complicates Battlefield Obama

Russia’s entry to help the Syria government in fighting against the ISIS group has further complicated the battlefield, which is already fragmented.

Russia's Entry To Syria War Complicates Battlefield Obama

Russia as well as Iran have expanded their military efforts even after US President Barack Obama defended the move saying it would lead only to a quagmire.

Russia started with airstrikes earlier this week on several Syrian targets saying it is a defensive policy to stop the terror group in their areas before they move to the borders.

Meanwhile, Obama said the efforts of Russia and Iran in Syria will fail. He was briefing press people on Friday at the White House.

Syria is a longtime ally to Iran and Russia. Both turned a deaf ear to whatever Obama said.

On Friday Russia expanded the bombings confirming they have struck seven targets including an area near Raqqa that holds a command post and training camp.

A press conference on the same day in Moscow said the warplanes have hit the training camp of ISIS near the town of Maaden Jedid.

Meanwhile, Syria has welcomed the efforts of Russia saying their help is part of their own efforts to fight terrorism.

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