BREAKING: Chile Hit By Powerful 6.9 Quake

April 18, 2023 8:37 am17 commentsViews: 118

BREAKING: Chile Hit By Powerful 6.9 Quake

A powerful 6.9-magnitude earthquake has hit west coast of Chile, rocking capital city Santiago too, on Monday but causing no damage.

chile 6.9 earthquake

Valparaiso officials issued tsunami warning initially, but canceled it soon after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center reported just small tsunami waves.

US Geological Survey measured the epicenter about 85 miles from the capital city and 22 miles west of coastal city of Valparaiso. The quake was 15.5 miles deep below the sea that was capable of swaying office buildings in Santiago for about 30 seconds.

However, residents living closer to the epicenter were found panicked and moving to higher ground with their children fearing the devastating tsunami of 2010.


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