BREAKING: Manila Police Detonates Bomb Near US Embassy

April 16, 2023 4:28 pm23 commentsViews: 84

Police in Philippines capital Manila detonated a suspected bomb near to the United States Embassy in the early hours of Monday. No one is reported to have been hurt in the incident.


The suspicious package was initially believed to be an improvised explosive device and two explosions were heard while the bomb was disposed off.

The suspicious device was first spotted by street sweeper Winniefreda Francisco who called police briefing a cellphone is attached to a small cylinder connected with wires.

However, it is not yet clear officially whether the device was a bomb and police spokeswoman Marissa Bruno said details will be issued later.

Traffic was diverted from a portion of Roxas Boulevard fronting the embassy.

Later police reopened the closed road declaring it is safe.


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