BREAKING: Tsunami Warning Issued Following Powerful Quake In Japan

April 16, 2023 2:46 pm28 commentsViews: 81

A powerful earthquake has hit off the coast of Japan Tuesday morning and tsunami warning was issued by the government fearing the same disaster that happened in 2011 and killed almost 16,000 people and sea waves rose as high as 130 feet at Miyako in Iwate Prefecture.


Australia and New Zealand governments have alerted the people in the coastal areas even though no impact has been reported in the two countries. In Papua New Guinea and Philippines too no damage has been reported.

Japanese NHK public broadcaster warned the people to leave coastal areas immediately. It said, “Please move as far away from the shoreline as possible… Please remember the Great East Japan earthquake.”

For about 90 minutes the Miyagi Prefecture was shut down as tsunami wave of about 55 inches hit the port of Sendai. The first tsunami waves were about 23 inches at the coastal area of Onahama in Fukushima Prefecture. At the plant the waves rose to about 3 feet.

According to US Geological Survey the quake was measured at 6.9-magnitude where as the Japanese weather service mentioned it at 7.4-magnitude and tsunami warning of about 10 feet.


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