British police investigating I.R.A. claims to have sent explosive packages in London

April 21, 2023 6:16 pm36 commentsViews: 93

The Metropolitan Police of London said Tuesday claims of Irish Republican Army (I.R.A.) are being investigated whether the explosive packages found in London and Scotland last week were the acts of the group.

Statement released by counterterrorism officers said a fifth package containing explosives still goes undiscovered and claims of it by I.R.A. is being investigated too.

The four explosive packages were discovered at the University of Glasgow, London transport hubs and Heathrow Airport.

The British police added, “Given the packages received last week bore similarities to devices sent in the past which were linked to dissident groups associated with Northern Ireland-related terrorism, officers were already looking at this as a line of inquiry.”

The I.R.A. sent its claim of responsibility to a news outlet in Northern Ireland. The code words used in it are known to the police.

Photos of parcels showed stamps of Irish postal service and return addresses located in Dublin. All the four parcels were of A4 size. Those were white postal bags containing yellow Jiffy bags. Usually such setup is capable of igniting when opened.

Experts warn the longstanding political deadblock in Northern Ireland could return to violence.

Thanking the British police London mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted:


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