British Tribunal Rejects Uber’s Claim Drivers Are Contractors

March 17, 2023 4:37 pm0 commentsViews: 82

A British tribunal rejected claims of ride-hailing service company Uber that its drivers are contractors and they are not entitled to vacations.


It is also learned the ruling may have implications for other companies too who rely on self-employed workers. It may affect up to 30,000 Uber drivers in Britain.

The two drivers who drew court’s attention are now entitled to paid time off and as Well a guaranteed minimum wage.

It is being said the ruling could encourage drivers of other countries too and they would seek recognition as employees of Uber.

Meanwhile, it is not to forget integral part of Uber’s success and appeal is its ability in providing cheaper rides.

According to Uber, they are a technology company linking self-employed drivers for those people who need rides.

Uber’s regional manager Jo Bertram said there are drivers in thousands who want to be self-employed and to be their own bosses.

A survey released by the San Francisco, California, company in June this year reveals 68 percent of their drivers don’t drive a set number of hours each week.

More to this, about 41 percent of their drivers set hours based on what else they are doing in their lives.


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