Is Katey Sagal Related To Steven Seagal?

April 24, 2023 7:40 amComments Off on Is Katey Sagal Related To Steven Seagal?

In this article we will discuss: Is Katey Sagal Related to Steven Seagal? Though it may seem like Steven Seagal and actress Katie Sagal are not related, the two have no blood relation. Though his sister is Brenda Seagal, she’s not related to him biologically speaking—Katie being adopted into another […]

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Was Babe Ruth Black?

6:31 amComments Off on Was Babe Ruth Black?

Was Babe Ruth Black? Babe Ruth’s ancestry has long been a subject of speculation. While he faced racial taunting as an athlete, few records from this era can confirm if the famous ball player was black or not with certainty because there’s little evidence to go on – until now. […]

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