Chadian PM Moussa Faki Becomes New AU Commission Chairperson

April 17, 2023 11:04 am78 commentsViews: 100

Favorite Amina Mohamed from Kenya and Abdoulaye Bathily from Senegal have surprisingly lost in the race of African Union Commission chairperson.

Chadian Prime Minister Moussa Faki

Following the election at AU headquarters in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia it was learned Amina didn’t lose because of gender as few were considering, but as Kenya failed to make its stand on the disputed territory of Western Sahara clear publicly.

It was rumored around the corridors of the summit building some leaders preferred a male chairman as the AU chairperson and deputy AU commissioner are both male.

Supporters of Amina believe her winning would have brought some balance to the top table of the union.

Meanwhile, it is not to forget Amina was a fierce critic of the International Criminal Court and this goes against those nations who favored Hague-based court.

Amina is a first-term foreign minister and not a career politician. She lacks experience and weight too of dealing with major security matters.

Her opponent, former Chadian Prime Minister Moussa Faki won the chair. He is presently serving as foreign affairs minister. His main advantage over Amina was holding a senior position at the AU earlier. He was a former chairman of AU’s Economic, Social and Cultural Council.

Until now Idris Deby was the chairman of the continental body. He is Chadian president and Faki’s boss too.

Some also doubted whether Amina would be truly neutral after winning the election as she is very close to Kenyan President Kenyatta. Some questioned whether she would stand up to Uhuru after chairing.


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