Clothing to Wear When Flying

Clothing to Wear When Flying
Clothing to Wear When Flying

Whether taking an airline flight or flying a light aircraft or helicopter, many people do not consider what they should wear. However, it is actually quite important.

Clothing to Wear When Flying

Wear Comfortable Clothing and Natural Fibres in Case of Emergency

Commercial flights are now so common that people tend not to consider what they should wear. However, emergencies do happen, and in such a situation clothing items such as tight skirts and high heeled shoes could put someone at a real disadvantage, to say the least. So it is sensible to wear loose, comfortable clothing, and flat shoes when in any type of aircraft.

A fire in any plane is unlikely, but it could happen. Therefore it is also a good idea to wear clothing which is non-inflammable, or at least which is unlikely to burn easily. Pilots and passengers should wear cotton or wool clothes in preference to nylon or polyester, which could melt on contact with fire.

What to Wear in a Light Aircraft or Helicopter

People going on a passenger flight or trial lesson in a small aircraft after wonder what to wear. Will it be cold, they ask? Or, if it is a trial lesson, should they wear a flying suit or dress like a commercial pilot?

The answer to the first question is that most modern light planes and helicopters have heating. And to reply to the second question, a passenger or trial lesson student is not require to look like a pilot. So again, it is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing, made of natural fibres, and flat shoes.

Clothing for a Microlight, Ultralight, or Open Cockpit Aircraft

If going flying in any kind of aircraft with an uncovered open cockpit, it is likely to be cold. Again, passengers should wear comfortable clothing of wool or cotton. But for these types of aircraft, it is sensible to dress warmly and take a hat and gloves. Frequently flying suits are available for passengers or students, and these should be worn if possible. It is a good idea to take advice from the pilot or instructor, who will be able to tell someone in detail what they should wear.

In an open cockpit, it is especially important not to have any loose articles which could fall to the ground from a height, so keep anything required in zipped pockets if possible, and be careful with items such as sunglasses and cameras.

In summary, flying is a potentially dangerous activity, and one should dress sensibly for it. If in a small aircraft, it is a good idea for people to ask for advice on this aspect of things if they are not sure what to wear.

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