Contents and Health Benefits of Oats

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Oats were widely grown in ancient Greece and Rome, while the Scots believed in the power of oats to build and regenerate bones and ligaments. Even today, the health benefits of oats are widely recognized. Oats come in different forms: whole oat groats, quick oats and coarse cut oats. Rolled oats are used to make porridge, cookies, granola and muesli bars. The most popular form of cooked oats is porridge, but one can have oatmeal in different ways.

Contents of Oats

Oats have a high content of complex carbohydrates, soluble high fiber and beta-glucen. They combine soluble and insoluble fiber. Some minerals are also present.

Benefits of Oats

Oats make an ideal breakfast cereal. They are nutritious and contain soluble high fiber to fight cholesterol. Scientific research has proved that high fiber lowers cholesterol, and thus prevents cardio-vascular diseases. Three grams of oats daily reduces the risk of heart diseases. In 1997, the US food and drug administration allowed food with oat bran or rolled oats to carry a label saying that it reduces the risk of heart disease, if it is combined with a low fat diet.

Oats are useful for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, hemorrhoids, hernias of the digestive tract and even heart diseases. The high fiber is also anti-carcinogenic, and prevents colon cancer. Whole oats prevent constipation, and thus dilute any carcinogens. The bran is the substance that stimulates the intestines and acts as a laxative.

The low glycemic index allows oats to be digested and assimilated slowly, thus stabilizing levels of blood glucose. Moreover, since it releases sugar slowly into the system, oatmeal is an invaluable source of energy. The American Diabetes Association suggests a daily intake of 20-35 grams of fiber. One cup of cooked oatmeal provides four grams of fiber.

Oats help to fight obesity. The soluble fiber slows down digestion, and increases the sense of fullness. Therefore, it is useful for those watching their weight.

The minerals in oats are good for the nerves.

Other Uses of Oats

Oatmeal was not just a significant source of food in cold lands like the Scandinavian countries; it also had other uses. The Scots used oatmeal water for foot-baths and to soften hard calluses. It was an important internal and topical healer, especially in the villages. Skin rashes and insect bites were healed with mashed oats. In fact, it is a popular home remedy even today.

Oats do not lose their nutrients even after processing, and enhance fitness levels.

The low sugar index makes them beneficial for cholesterol and diabetes patients. The high fiber prevents cancers and digestive disorders. It is no wonder then that oats are widely recommended as a healthy breakfast food.


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