Cyclone Kenneth Destroyed homes, schools in Mozambique

April 21, 2023 10:32 pm31 commentsViews: 219

Cyclone Kenneth has left five people dead in Mozambique and authorities fear mudslides and flooding will follow in coming few days.

The wind speed was 140 mph when Kenneth roared into the African country which was hit by a strong cyclone Idai about a month ago.

Kenneth is the first hurricane to have gained such a strong wind speed in more than six decades in Mozambique.

According to BBC report thousands of people are feared trapped in remote villages and they have no way to get out of it.

About 90 percent of homes on Ibo Island have been destroyed. One woman was killed in Pemba by a falling tree where the wind speed was 44 mph and another in Macomia district. Two lost their lives on Ibo Island.

About 70,000 people have been impacted by Kenneth and people are feared to have been left without food and water.

CAREMozambique country director Marc Nosbach said the greatest risk is yet to come from flooding due to heavy rains.

Accuweather reports about 2,500 homes, health centers and schools have been destroyed in the Cabo Delgado province.

The Met department alerts the storm can intensify again.

About 30,000 people were evacuated before Kenneth had hit the shores.


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