Daylight Saving Time End Could Lead To Health Hazard: Study

April 16, 2023 9:24 am23 commentsViews: 295

Daylight saving time will come to an end this Sunday in the US and this means one can sleep for one more hour, but very few knows this can take a toll on health too.


An additional hour of sleep can disrupt normal sleep patterns and this may put strain on the body. It can throw off the internal clock of our body and can lead to worse sleep.

Assistant clinical professor of Sleep Medicine and Allergy Immunology at UH Cleveland Medical Center, Dr Samuel Friedlander, said it can effect almost every system in the body and hence problems in the body too.

He added if a person gets on a good sleep schedule ahead of the change in time, one can stay unaffected in terms of health hazards.

In today’s era most of the people are sleep deprived than normall and adding daylight savings can make the situation further worse.

Daylight savings can lead to increased risk of developing seasonal affective disorder (SAD), said Friedlander.

SAD is a form of depression and it is tough to deal with in winter months. Its symptoms include fatigue, weight gain, sleep difficulty, excessive sleeping, feeling of hopelessness and thought of suicide.

Decide whether to have the same sleeping habit as other believes during the time change or to have your own schedule. Its up to you. Share your own views too with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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