Deaths From Acts Of Terrorism Increased 80% Globally In 2014

April 27, 2023 10:04 am5 commentsViews: 128

In a new study it is found the number of people killed by acts of terrorism in 2014 has increased by 80 percent. A total of 32,658 people were killed last year and 78 percent of the deaths occurred in Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Deaths From Acts Of Terrorism Increased 80 percent Globally In 2014

The Global Terrorism index report also adds economic cost of terrorism has increased by ten times since 2000, which is a total of $52.9bn globally.

The cost is also an increase by 61 percent from 2013, when the total cost was $32.9bn.

The report is compiled by using data collected by the University of Maryland.

The countries that suffered at least 500 deaths have increased in past two years. In 2013 five countries were listed and in 2014 the number increased to 11 including Cameroon, South Sudan, Central African Republic, Yemen, Ukraine and Somalia.

Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace, Steve Killelea, said in the non-OECD countries the terrorism shows stronger associations with internal violence, corruption and ongoing conflict. In the West the youth unemployment, drug crime and other such socio-economic factors correlate to it.

Killelea added, “Ten of the 11 countries most affected by terrorism also have the highest rates of refugees and internal displacement. This highlights the strong inter-connectedness between the current refugee crisis, terrorism and conflict.”


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