Did Elvis Die on the Pot?

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Did Elvis Die on the Pot?

As one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century, Elvis is often referred to as “the King” or “the King of Rock and Roll.” Elvis started his career on the Louisiana Hayride radio show on a Saturday night in 1954. He recorded some songs that got him very popular in just a few months. 

The frequently asked question about Elvis’s death is, did Elvis die on the pot? In 1957 Elvis released his first album called Elvis Presley early in 1957, which contained songs like Jailhouse Rock and Didn’t Be Cruel. Then, in April of the same year, Elvis had his first film, Loving You.

Elvis recorded his first best-selling album called Elvis’ Golden Records in 1960, which contained songs like Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog. It was the biggest-selling album of the 1960s. Also, in 1960, his second film was released called G.I. Blues, a sequel to the 1956 film Jailhouse Rock and it starred him as he sang many rock songs in the movie. So let’s discuss the answer to the question, ‘did Elvis die on the pot?’

Elvis’s journey to stardom

In 1961 Elvis had his third film, Blue Hawaii (which starred him playing a college student island boy), and again in this movie, he sang rock songs like I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. Next year in 1962, Elvis released his fourth album called His Hand in mine (which contained songs such as I’ll Remember You and Where Do I Go from Here).

 Then in 1963, Elvis started filming a movie called Flaming Star, but this movie was never released to the public; it starred him in college scenes and Elizabeth Taylor as his love interest. Also, in 1963 he released another album called G.I. Blues.

In 1965 he had his fifth film called Girl Happy, which starred him as a lifeguard who falls for an airplane flight attendant. However, in 1965 he recorded another movie soundtrack with several rock songs, including Don’t Be Cruel and Hound Dog. Then, in 1967 Elvis started making a film named 1968’s Viva Las Vegas, and it starred him as a singer/songwriter that goes to Las Vegas. In this movie, he also sang a few rock songs, especially in the beginning when Scarlet O’Hara was dying.

In 1970 Elvis had his sixth film called Speedway, starring him as a driver racing in Indianapolis, and had only a few rock songs. However, later that same year, he had another movie called Live a little, which was an acting role. So if you also have the question, did Elvis die on the pot? Then yes, he died on a toilet seat.

Filmography career: Year Title Role Notes

In 1956 Jailhouse Rock Johnny B. Goode, 1958 Loving You Johnny Green, 1959 G.I. Blues Pvt. Presley, 1960 Elvis’ Golden Records Elvis Presley, 1961 Blue Hawaii Jukebox hero, 1962 Flaming Star Lee Andersen, 1963 G.I. Blues Pvt. Presley, 1964 Girl Happy Rick Riley, 1965 Harum Scarum Ben Sharpa, 1966 Frankie and Johnny Frankie, 1967 Speedway Rusty Griswold, 1969 Live a Little Johnny Tyler, 1971 Change of Habit Chet Orloff, 1972 Elvis On Tour Himself Documentary, 1973 Aloha from Hawaii Himself TV special, 1974 Good Times Frank Good Times, 1975 This Is Elvis Himself Documentary, 1976 First Love Himself, 1977 This Is Elvis II Himself Documentary

1955 The Louisiana Hayride Arthur Crudup, 1956 Louisiana Hayride Arthur Crudup, 1957 The Steve Allen Show Host Steve Allen, 1957 Teen Town Singer 1958 Dorsey Brothers’ Stage Show Singer Preston King 1959 Follow That Dream Writer/performer: “Beach Boy Blues” 1960 G.I.

Did Elvis Die on the Pot?

Elvis Presley’s ‘Pot-related death myth’ is a myth that allegedly claims that the rock singer Elvis Presley died due to his use of drugs. He did not die because of drug-related reasons. However, his autopsy did reveal that he had taken a lot of different medications (for pain and sleep, etc.). The myth was first spread by the former wife of his karate teacher.

People said that Elvis’ karate teacher wanted Elvis to take drugs so he could beat him in a karate match. Since Elvis refused to take drugs before their match, the two were about to fight when he broke out into laughter. But yes, Elvis died on a toilet seat. 

There is no doubt that Elvis had a lot of stress in his life, and a lot of people thought that he was bringing himself down by doing karate, but there is no proof that he died due to drug-related reasons.

Elvis’ wife Priscilla wrote about the death in her book Elvis And Me: ‘In 1997 or 1998 I saw a documentary on T.V. about Elvis’s last moments. It seemed like such a hoot to me because I remembered how Dr. Nick had tried to get Elvis to come back from the bathroom so they could fight. I was convinced that was his last fight! Dr. Nick told me Elvis had taken a handful of uppers, downers, and whatever else he found in the bathroom cabinet that day, including some sedatives he got from Dr. Nick for Lisa Marie. They were uppers and downers mixed, and it killed him.”

The fact is that Elvis was an extremely talented artist who reached unmatchable success with his music and his movies. In addition, he is considered one of the greatest singers in history, and it is not surprising that rumors about his death are still spreading many years after his death.


Elvis Presley took a lot of painkillers during his last period. The singer’s dentist told him that his excessive dose of codeine could lead to death if he did not stop taking it, and he encouraged him to do so. 

Besides, Elvis’ family looked after him well during this period as they thought drug abuse was dangerous. Therefore they tried to help him stop taking painkillers as much as possible. But unfortunately, Elvis chose to go against their advice and continued abusing codeine at his own expense. 


Elvis regularly took prescription amphetamines whenever his painkillers had worn off. The reason for his addiction to these drugs was that he had insomnia and needed to take them to sleep each night. Even though he was prescribed the drugs, Elvis still was addicted to them as there were some amphetamines in the painkillers he took.

The fact is that people like Elvis were not used for their money, and it is astonishing how his death rumors are still being spread years after his death. Elvis is still considered one of the most popular singers in the world, and several rumors have been spread about him, but they all seem impossible now, just like they did in 1955 when he was alive.


Methamphetamines are also known as speed, crystal, or ice and are among the most dangerous drugs in the world. They are potent stimulants that can be snorted, smoked, or injected to achieve an immediate feeling of euphoria.

Elvis Presley was said to have been involved in some relationship with these drugs at the end of his life. Although it is believed that Elvis took amphetamines at the end of his life, he did not take them regularly before he died.

He thought they were OK to take when he felt depressed because they would give him energy and make him feel good. However, he did not think they were addictive, as he only used them occasionally.


The fact is that Elvis Presley died because he took too many of these drugs, and it proved lethal for his body. He did not die due to an overdose of heroin or cocaine. They were, however, found in his system at the time of his death, and some people have said that this was the cause of a heart attack.

He was taking so many different drugs that it would be impossible to single out one as the cause of death. However, it is also important to note that Elvis Presley did not die because he was addicted to drugs but because he had taken too many different kinds of drugs simultaneously.

The above-listed portion thoroughly answers the question, “did Elvis die on the pot.”


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