Dietary Antioxidants Spreads Cancer: Study

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In a new study it is found the antioxidants may promote cancer growth. Earlier too few studies revealed use of antioxidants for good purpose helps the tumor to grow.

Dietary Antioxidants Spreads Cancer- Study

The researchers at University of Texas suggest patients should be treated with pro-oxidants.

Dr Sean Morrison, CRI Director and Mary McDermott Cook Chair in Pediatric Genetics at UT Southwestern Medical Center, said they have found metastasizing melanoma cells experience high levels of oxidative stress. The test was conducted in a lab on mice.

In past two decades several studies were conducted to ascertain the effect of antioxidants on other conditions too including memory loss and heart disease. All the results were mixed. Meanwhile, food companies have continued campaigning antioxidants have disease-fighting abilities.

Morrison said further study is required and until then the cancer patients need to continue taking antioxidants for good health. He added the melanoma is not the only type of cancer that can be affected this way.

Apart from all these, the new study results are alarming.

Details of the study were published on Wednesday in the Nature journal. It has raised more questions about the consumption of antioxidants in diets for cancer patients.

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