Extravagant Shopping Spree of a UAE Millionaire’s Wife

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Meet Malaikah Raja, a British woman married to a millionaire in the UAE, whose monthly shopping allowance exceeds £180,000 (approximately Rs 1.86 crore). Proudly dubbing herself a “rich housewife,” Malaikah offers glimpses into her opulent lifestyle through videos shared on her TikTok channel, where she showcases her extravagant shopping sprees. Residing with her husband and son, Malaikah’s life revolves around luxury and indulgence.

Extravagant Shopping Spree of a UAE Millionaire's Wife

In a recent revelation on TikTok, Malaikah disclosed her request for an increased allowance from her husband, citing the occasion of Eid. Her followers pondered the source of her happiness and expressed envy at her lavish lifestyle, contemplating the implications if her marriage were to falter or if her allowance were to cease.

Malaikah’s shopping escapades often lead her to the grandeur of Dubai Mall, where she splurges on designer items to satisfy her desires. She considers shopping her form of exercise, as she humorously recounts her steps taken during her mall excursions. Obsessed with bracelets, Malaikah allocates a significant portion of her allowance towards purchasing accessories and handbags, with her recent splurge at Van Cleef & Arpels costing approximately £4,000 (Rs 4.15 lakh). Despite enduring the anticipation of awaiting her newly ordered bracelet, Malaikah remains unperturbed, assured of her ability to cope with the delay.

However, amidst the luxuries, Malaikah candidly shares a glimpse of the less glamorous aspects of her life. She reveals that while her husband chauffeurs her around, he never bothers to hold the door open for her. Nonetheless, Malaikah harbors no resentment, expressing gratitude for the abundance provided by her husband.

In a video addressing her followers, Malaikah seeks suggestions on how to utilize her next monthly allowance, inviting engagement from her audience. Posted under the username Malaikah Raja, the video has garnered over three million views, offering viewers a peek into the extravagant yet nuanced world of a millionaire’s housewife.


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