Facebook Offers Tips On How To Identify Fake News Websites

April 18, 2023 3:58 am17 commentsViews: 88

Facebook has come up with a new way lately to fight against sharing of fake news on the platform. A resource page has been created to offer tips to users on how to spot false news websites and what to do thereafter.

The tips include closely looking at the website name that may resemble some popular news website and read through the “about” page of the website that may say it is a satire website.

Hundreds of millions of users will see a pop up of the resource page and clicking on it will open up the tips.

Fake news is not new. It has existed for long but gained much attention during the 2016 US presidential election.

Journalism dean at the University of Maryland, Lucy Dalglish, said the social giant is working hard to fight against fake news on its platform.

She added, “Facebook was always very interested technology but not the social and civic implications of technology. It’s like they have become citizens.”

Lucy also praised Facebook for reaching to the outside experts for help like the nonprofit journalism organizations, researchers and academics.

Facebook will dry up the economic incentives of the identified websites that spread false news by making it difficult for them to buy ads.


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