Facebook Soon To Test ‘Dislike’ Button

April 26, 2023 9:45 pm12 commentsViews: 78

Though the feature was long awaited, but finally Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has considered it. Soon users of the social platform can dislike any comment, post or photo.

Facebook Soon To Test 'Dislike' Button

Zuckerberg said today at Facebook’s headquarters the company is working on ‘dislike’ button during a wide-ranging Q&A.

However, he said the use of it will be in limit and cannot be disliked when anyone is posting upsetting or sad status. He also added building the button is a complicated task, but soon they will start testing of it.

Zuckerberg said the company don’t want people to vote down others, but in fact to express support when someone is sharing something sad like the refugee crisis, death of a family member and more. This is the reason it has always turned down the demand of dislike button for years.

Facebook is not a place where users can criticize others easily.

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