Facial Cleanser Treatments for Beautiful Skin

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A person can look younger longer by learning how to maintain healthy skin. According to Beautiful Skin (Adams Media Corp. April 2000) by David E. Bank and Estelle Sobel, the key to having beautiful skin is to have a facial treatment routine that is tailored to one’s own individual needs.

Facial Cleanser Treatments for Beautiful Skin

Selecting a Facial Cleanser for Healthy Skin

The authors suggest that people choose cleansers based on their skin type. People who have oily skin can benefit from using products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These cleansers don’t contain as much oil as other cleansers. People with dry or normal skin can use cleansing mixtures that contain oil and water.

Moisturizing Facial Treatment Tips for Beautiful Skin

To keep the skin young looking and protect it from wrinkles, look for moisturizers that contain vitamins A, C, and E. Derivatives of vitamin A, such as Retin-A, keep the pores unblocked and can actually reverse damage from the sun. Vitamin C also has anti-aging properties and helps prevent skin cancer. Vitamin E moisturizes the skin and boosts the benefits of vitamin C. According to the authors, vitamin A blocks the anti-aging benefits of vitamin C. Therefore, it’s best to alternate between the two.

It is recommended that people with oily skin use oil free moisturizers which contain alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) because it opens up the pores and eliminates dead skin cells. It also protects the skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Regardless of skin type a person should look for moisturizers that contain a sunscreen of at least SFP 15. Apply moisturizers to the skin after bathing while it is still damp.

Beauty Secrets for Young and Healthy Skin

One of the best ways to prevent wrinkles is to seal moisture into the skin. Spray-on mists are recommended for quickly hydrating the skin. When the skin becomes dry, spray a little mist on the affected area. Then apply lotion to the area to seal in the moisture. Do this on an as needed basis. It may be necessary to do it more often during the winter when the skin is typically drier.

According to Mayo Clinic, a simple way to keep the skin looking young and healthy is to avoid smoking. Smoking diminishes blood flow to the skin and eliminates vitamin A and other nutrients that are vital for healthy skin. Smoking also speeds up the aging process by reducing elastin and collagen which give the skin its firmness and elasticity.

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