FDA Warns Kim Kardashian Over Instagram Drug Promotion Post

April 26, 2023 10:44 am16 commentsViews: 87

Kim Kardashian‘s praise on Instagram and Facebook[NASDAQ:FB] for a morning sickness treating pill has faced a blow from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) citing it violates the drug-promotion rules.

Usually celebrities are seen endorsing themselves in such sharing on Facebook, Twitter[NYSE:TWTR], Instagram and other social platforms that seem promotional to some extent. Kim is pregnant and talked about her struggles with nausea earlier this month.

The 42-year-old reality star revealed she tried changing habits in her daily life including diet, but the struggle persisted. After consulting her doctor she started taking prescribed drug Diclegis. She felt better and found there is no risk to her baby with the pill.

Kim is five months pregnant with husband and rapper Kanye West. She has 25 million and 42 million followers on Facebook and Instagram respectively. Her post on the two platforms is linked to a company website of the drug carrying approved labeling information of FDA.

However, the FDA officials say it violate the rules for drugs promotion as side effects of the pill are not mentioned on the landing page.

According to FDA, Diclegis can make an individual sleepy and this turns to be dangerous while driving or performing activities requiring mental alertness.

FDA also mentions Diclegis cannot be combined with other medications that lead to drowsiness. It is strictly suggested not to combine with alcohol too.

Apart from all these, FDA claims the social media posts of Kim didn’t mention the pill is only approved to those women who are not struggling with prolonged vomiting that leads to dehydration.

FDA has issued warning letter to drug maker Duchesnay Inc. too citing concern the company is promoting in a violative manner.

Duchesnay Inc was earlier too warned by FDA in 2013 for writing to doctors about not to mention the risk information of the drug.


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