Four Ways to Plan Your Vacation Using Credit Card

Credit card
Credit card

Vacations are a secret to longer, happier, and more productive lives. Our work is essential, but so is our sanity and family time. Vacations allow you to break the work-life monotony and reconnect with your loved ones.

Your travel bucket list may include domestic or foreign destinations you wish to explore with your friends and family. Is the lack of funds keeping you from taking that much-needed vacation? Worry not! You must plan your trip carefully and reap the benefits of your credit card reward points to enjoy a fun vacation.

Read on for some great advice on maximizing your credit card reward points for your upcoming trip.

Make the Best Use of Welcome Bonus

Getting a new credit card qualifies you for rewards. New cardholders often receive a welcome bonus, which gives them access to extra benefits like cash back, points, or miles. You must spend a certain amount within the first few months after opening your account to earn the welcome bonus. However, a few issuers waive the spending requirements. They reward new credit card owners with a welcome bonus immediately following account approval or after they make their first purchase. Consider these deadlines if you use your welcome bonus to reserve hotel or flight tickets.

Redeem Credit Card Miles

Some credit card companies reward customers with credit card miles in exchange for their purchases. The more purchases you make using your credit card, the more miles you accumulate. Depending on the number of miles you have accumulated and the worth of each mile, you can use them to get a free flight ticket. Suppose your miles are linked to an airline’s frequent flyer program, you can use them to qualify for seat upgrades, priority boarding, free companion tickets, or other airline benefits.

Check For Hotel Tie-Ups

Some credit card companies collaborate with top hotels in India and abroad to offer discounts to cardholders on hotel stays. If you are committed to a particular hotel brand, this could help you save a lot of money. The discount can add up to a significant amount if you book multiple rooms or a more extended stay at the hotel.

Take Advantage of Retail and Restaurant Discounts

Many credit card companies collaborate with retail outlets and restaurants to provide their customers exclusive offers and discounts. Purchasing travel essentials from the appropriate stores and dining at the affiliated restaurants can bring down the overall cost of your vacation. Some credit card companies also grant customers access to airport lounges where they can savour exotic cuisines while waiting for their flights for free of cost or at a nominal fee.

Final Thoughts

These benefits may vary depending on which credit card you use.

IndusInd Bank for instance has multiple cards which gives exclusive memberships and discounts on dining, travel, online retail, entertainment and much more. 

Apply for credit card that offers maximum reward points and perks like access to premium lounges across domestic and international airports and frequent flyer program membership. Learn all about your credit card benefits and use them to plan a memorable family trip.

Author Bio: Vinod Gill is a writer who specializes in writing content on Finance and Banking subjects. He is a Digital Marketing Consultant, Blogger, and Co-Founder Organico India

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