Google Accidetally Spread Fake News Over The Weekend

April 17, 2023 8:03 pm2 commentsViews: 96

Google has accidentally supported fake news website over the weekend. Former United States President is not planning for a coup. So, all those of you who have read the fake news of coupl plot need to now sit back relax. Such thing is not happening.

The latest fake news shown on Google search result page commands us not to easily have faith on whatever we are getting over the internet.

Google spokeswoman said, “Unfortunately, there are instances when we feature a site with inappropriate or misleading content.”

The social platforms bubbled up on Sunday after finding fake news were being shown in the search function called “Featured Snippets.”

In recent months the spread of fake news has been on the grow and those have managed to attract attention.

It is alleged the fake news in 2016 changed the course of US presidential election and Donald Trump became the PM of Africa.

At the center of the storm then was Facebook where people can easily publish fake news.


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