Google Is Hiring Professionals For Development Of Self-Driving Cars

April 28, 2023 3:02 am0 commentsViews: 97

The search engine giant Google has come up with vacancies for the development of its self-driving car and is looking for some engineers and marketers. This mean the project will now be moving into a more serious phase.

Google Is Hiring Professionals For Development Of Self-Driving Cars

On the official site Google has posted 36 new professional jobs for the driver-less car project and most of those are related to the development and testing of the vehicles.

Google is looking for engineers mostly, but jobs have also been posted for a policy analyst, a head of real-estate services and a marketing manager.

Google writes the posts for marketing people are not of conventional nature but to help bring the vehicles to market by winning the hearts and minds of local communities, opinion formers as well as of governments.

Currently the testing of Google cars is being done in Austin, Texas, and Mountain View. It is claimed the testing has completed 1 million miles.

Meanwhile, other companies too are in the process of developing their own self-driving cars. Apple and Tesla Motors believe development of such vehicles could be a boon to older people who just want to relax in their car.


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