Google Launches Google Duo, Video Chat App For Android, iOS Phones

March 16, 2023 4:38 pm4 commentsViews: 172

Google is launching today a new video chat app exclusively for mobile phones called Google Duo. It will be compatible to both Android phones and iPhones. The setup process is easy and just requires a confirmation text of the phone number used.

Google Launches Google Duo, Video Chat App For Android, iOS Phones

It does not require accounts to be created or maintaining friend list. It is directly tied to contacts list of the phone number and this is simply something really great, but it is bad to use it on anything other than your phone. More to this, the Google Duo is unable to make conference calls too.

The so-called “knock knock” feature is new in Duo that shows live video of the caller even before one receives a call on Android to answer. It is simply to confirm who is calling. Also, the feature only works with people saved in contacts.

The Google Duo has blocking a caller feature too and turning off the app completely if one does not like it.

The app is based on WebRTC technology added with some technical underpinnings for improving the quality of the call automatically. The technology also maintains the call even when the phone is switched from Wi-Fi to cellular.

Google announced about its Duo earlier this year in May along with AI-enhanced text messaging app Allo, which is yet awaited for a release date.

Meanwhile, it is also said the Hangouts will continue functioning as usual even after the release of both the new apps.


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