Google Pauses Flash-Based Ads On Chrome Citing Page Loading Issue

April 26, 2023 5:30 pm4 commentsViews: 99

From today Google will be pausing all flash ads by default on its Chrome browser. The move is taken as Flash technology increases the page-loading time and also it kills battery faster. This results with decreased quality of Chrome experience.

Google Pauses Flash-Based Ads Citing Page Loading Issue

It is to take note that the flash ads will only be paused on Google’s[NASDAQ:GOOG] browser. This mean users can voluntarily play those.

The new suggested technology is HTML5 instead of flash to advertisers. The functionality is similar, but the efficiency is improved with it. It is considered the HTML5 is a way forward in the online advertising industry.

Meanwhile, it is also reported Apple is introducing easy ad blocking functionality on its iPhone.

All these are a matter of concern as people in near future will be getting more functionality to block ads as per their choice. This will hit the advertisers hard and websites may start earning less and less gradually.

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