Google Removes Coincidence Detector Extension From Chrome, Alleged Jews Tracker

April 13, 2023 9:51 pm21 commentsViews: 513

Google has removed an extension from its Chrome store citing it breached rules against promoting hate speech and inciting violence.

Google Removes Coincidence Detector Extension From Chrome Alleged Jews Tracker

The removed extension was for Google’s Chrome browser and allowed users to identify and track suspected Jewish members of entertainment and media industries.

Named as Coincidence Detector, the said Chrome extension identified or confirmed suspected Jews and added triple parentheses to the names of such people in all the places on the web wherever they were referred.

New York-based news site Mic reported the activities of the extension first on Thursday describing it how it targeted Jews for abuse and harassment.

At the time of removal the Coincidence Detector was downloaded over 2,700 times and it had 8,700 people in its database.

NYT writer Jonathan Weisman said he too was targeted by the extension for online harassment. In several of the received tweets one also described him as a “dog whistle.”

A year ago many web users pointed similarly to “Who controls Hollywood” searches, suggesting it to be an encyclopedia entry on the Jews. Google said its team is working on it to fix the problem by adjusting search algorithms.

Are you the victim of one such extension or app? Do share your views or experience with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.


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