HIV can be starved to dealth, New study discovered

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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), by which around 50000 peoples are infected each year that have a weakness, it is sweets tooth.

According to a new study, researchers have found a new way to block the virus in human blood from feeding on sugar, which is kill it off.

Researchers from Northwestern University and Vanderbilt University have developed a compound to prevent immune cells of pipeline of sugar and other nutrients and found that the virus cannot reproduce less than sweet conditions. This treatment is not only harmful cellular nutrition held, but left alone at home healthy cells.

It is the study of a successful, resulting in a way to prevent virus source code of energy and nutrients or pantry.

Dr. Richard Aquila of HIV Translational Research Center of Northwestern University, said, “This discovery opens up new gateways for further research to solve today’s long-term problems in the treatment of HIV infection:

  • Avoid viral drugs
  • reduce inflammation leads to premature aging
  • and perhaps even one day be able to cure HIV infection

”When the virus enters the human bloodstream, it will first search the CD $ + T cells, which are the principal of immune system. Once it finds a cell, it stole their glucose supply, and uses it to replicate. Harry Taylor an assistant professor of medicine- infectious disease, and co-author of the study said, “This is a monster that invades the cells and say, ‘Hey I! It encroached on the entire production line.”

This finding is a significant; the virus can learn to overcome because the new method of treating HIV virus does not depend on the drugs.

Taylor said, “Maybe this new approach, thus slowing the growth of immune cells, can reduce the risk of irritation and frustration from lifelong persistence of HIV.”

PLOS pathogens, an online research journals in which result of the study are published.



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