How Deadly Was Turkey In 2016 – A Flashback (Part III)

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How Deadly Was Turkey In 2016 – A Flashback (Part I)
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The year 2016 was highly deadly for Turkey including a failed coup in July that killed more than two hundred people. Let’s have a look in detail throughout the year.

May 1 – Gaziantep

Two officers were killed and 22 others were injured after a car bomb exploded at the entrance of a police station.

April 27 – Bursa

About one dozen people were injured when a female suicide bomber exploded in a historic district of Turkey’s fourth largest city.

April 12 – Gaziantep

Islamic State gunned down a Syrian journalist to death.

March 31 – Diyarbakir

Seven police officers were killed and 27 others were injured in a car bomb attack.

March 19 – Istanbul

Five people were killed in a shopping street of Istiklal after a Turkish suicide bomber linked to ISIS detonated.

March 13 – Ankara

About three dozen people were killed when a Kurdish woman linked to TAK (Kurdish Freedom Falcons) blew herself in a car.

Feb. 17 – Ankara

About 29 people were killed by a suicide car bomber linked to TAK.

Jan 12. – Istanbul

One dozen tourists from German were killed in a suicide attack linked to ISIS.


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