How The Ashley Madison Passwords Were Cracked

April 26, 2023 9:03 pm6 commentsViews: 226

The encrypted passwords of Ashley Madison took just 10 tens for hackers crack, which otherwise is claimed could take decades. The passwords were cryptographically protected by using bcrypt method, which is an algorithm making crack almost impossible.

How The Ashley Madison Passwords Were Cracked

However, the protection could not protect the passwords of 11 million members on the website. The CynoSure Prime group, as the name goes, said they managed discovering programming errors and hence could crack the passwords.

According to them, through the insecure methods of $logkinkey generation they were able to gain speed boosts in cracking the passwords.

They added further $loginkey variable were used for automatic login.

Meanwhile, here are top five passwords released by Avast which are said not to be all safe for work. These were used in the Ashley Madison case:

1: 123456
2: password
3: 12345
4: 2345678
5: qwerty

There are more super-common passwords which are way very easy to crack by password-guessing algorithms and those are like secret, helpme, midnight etc.

It is suggested to use double password to make cracking next to impossible and keep your identity or other studd safe.

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