How to Avoid Being Scammed on Internet

April 20, 2023 5:02 am13 commentsViews: 102

The best practice when receiving an email from a sender claiming to be a representative of a banking institution is not to click the link. If the email requests the user to access a web page, type the domain into the browser instead of clicking the link in the email.

This ensures that the website you access is indeed the banking institution and not part of a phishing scam. Additionally, a banking institution does not need to verify your password. Phishing emails normally ask you to enter password information, which is a clear sign of a scam.

Never enter information into a website that is insecure. Phishing scams are not secured pages. Browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox display a lock image in the browser to verify the site is secure. Secured site addresses also begin with “https,” which is shown in the navigation bar of the browser.

Don’t be afraid of the sensationalism in an email. Many times, identity thieves attempt to scare the recipient by telling the user an account will be disabled or canceled if private information isn’t entered. Confirm these threats with the bank.

Don’t click links that require confirmation of a password or username. If an email says there is a requirement for password or information confirmation, type the website address into the browser instead of using the email link.

Be wary of any email that is sent from a banking institution. This includes Paypal or eBay. These two websites are often used to gain access to account information and subsequently steal money.

Banking institutions don’t ask for existing customers to re-enter personal information. If you receive an email that is questionable, call the bank to verify.

Protect your identity from phishing scams and never carelessly click links in emails. If you receive a suspected phishing email, forward it to the institution and ask for verification. Additionally, protect your privacy by ensuring any website that asks for your information is secure. These practices will decrease the chances of identity theft from phishing scams.


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