How To Remove Black Magic – Best Tips and Methods – Symptoms

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The topic which we are going to address today is somewhat different from what we usually deal with. Today we will be talking about Black magic and more about how to remove black magic. If you think that someone you love is under the influence black magic then you must take the right steps. Under the control of powerful but negative energy, it can have a lot of negative effects on our soul like negativity, melancholy, and bad luck.

Moving further, we would like to clarify that performing any kind of magic is very dangerous if you are not a professional, you should never do that alone. If you care for your health or someone you love or if you care for your relationship with someone you should definitely consider the possibility that the work of black magic may be in effect. Many people do not even believe in it and the fact is this is a reality and there is no harm in staying safe from any kind of possible black magic.

What are the symptoms of a human being under the influence of black magic?

There are many people in this world who may be under the influence of black magic but have never recognized it because the symptoms are very broad. So, let’s look at some of the most common symptoms of black magic.

  • Inner and complete separation of wife and husband. If you think that you are being separated from your compassionate other it might be because of black magic.
  • Again, if a wife hates the guts of her husband and she can simply not even see his face without being angry.
  • If someone’s heart is beating at a very higher rate without any illness.
  • If a woman gets her period ahead of time and resultantly is not fond of her husband.
  • Abrupt blindness
  • suddenly losing the sense of hearing and feeling pain in your eyes
  • Pain in the tooth cavity along with sore throat and infections
  • Continuous spots on the body that are often painful
  • Regular fever and body pain
  • A continuous feeling of heaviness anxiety and anguish.

How do you protect yourself from black magic if you are already the victim of it?

if you think that these symptoms highly apply to you and you are in one way or another possessed by Black magic, the best thing you can do is avoid people that have an oppressive aura towards you or people who might have an evil eye against your goodwill.

The first thing we recommend you to do is to clean your environment and make sure your environment is harmonious and purified. You can do this by cleaning your workplace, bedroom, and your home regularly.

You can clean the floors and other things using water and salt because water and salt have inherited abilities to remove negative vibrations.

When you are outside the best thing you can do is to cover yourself with the feelings of graciousness and happiness while avoiding the feelings of revenge, hatred, or grudge.

One of the most effective tools against black magic is a protection amulet

Initially, it is important to understand that a single object is not magical on its own, you will have to insert positive energy inside an object so that it can represent the energies that will help you in long run.

A protection amulet can be any object that you will be able to keep close to you at all times. It can be a bracelet, a ring, or a pendant, or something else.

To make that random object a protection amulet against black magic, you will need to help the elements. In your alter you will have to put some small amount of sand or salt which will be representing the earth, along with an incense stick which will represent the air, a bowl of water which represents the element of water and a candle which will represent the element of fire.

Concentrate and try to relax. When you think you are ready some, chant some of the quotes that are very helpful in this process. Take the object and place it on the earth and say things that acknowledge all the elements. Respect all the elements and request those elements to protect you from black magic. The mantras can be anything that you might feel but make sure to respect the elements in all ways and asking for help.

After that the amulet is ready and you can wear it all the time to be safe.

Another great method is by protection talismans

Among the various historic studies, talismans have been explained as a holy thing that acts as a figure or a character or an image that is engraved along with your celestial sign.

To create protection talisman the first thing you will need is to get a bag that resembles your own zodiac.

  • Pisces: white
  • Aquarius: blue
  • Capricorn: black
  • Sagittarius: blue
  • Scorpio: purple
  • libra: light green
  • virgin: grey
  • lion: yellow gold
  • cancer: white
  • Gemini: brown
  • Taurus: dark green
  • Aries: red

Now you will have to wait for the day of the full moon, on the third day after full moon picks up some lavender and sage, and put them inside your bag along with 3 breadcrumbs and 3 grains of salt.

That is, it will now protect you against negative influences related to black magic. You will have to keep the talisman or the bag along with you all the time until you think that influences have all gone.

Once all the negative energy around you is gone, you will have to destroy the bag using a small fire and scatter the ash into a river which shall take away all the bad energy for good.

Use of herbs

You can also use herbs as a great magical tool to defend yourself against black magic. Herbs can be used in various ways.

To create an herbal bag, you will need:

  • Herbs that have been recognized to be used during magic
  • White fabric in a rectangular shape

The process

  • You will need to fold the fabric in half and sew all the edges except one so that you can insert herbs inside it.
  • Insert the herbs
  • Close the opening of the bag either by sewing it or using the ribbon.

And that is it, that should be carried along with you in your pocket or wallet because it is very small in size you can keep it with you to protect yourself from any negative influences related to black magic.

Protection sigils

You can make your own independent sigils along with the setting of mantras and keep it together because it is a great way to protect yourself from negativity, curses, and black magic. Sigil is a sign that you can make for yourself using all the mantras and quotes mentioned above. It will help to provide you some positive energy that will help the black magic effects to go away.

Removing black magic using lemon

Lemon is a great tool that is used to remove the negative influence of someone. It is one of our favorites. To perform the process, you will need to place cloves and lemon juice inside small bowls of dishes. You can keep them around your house and it will help you keep all the black magic away from you. Lemon along with red chili has been used all over the world for removing any kind of negative influence. It has been used traditionally by practitioners to help people get rid of black magic.

Removing black magic using olive oil.

Just like lemon, it is also a very popular method to remove black magic. It is one of the most popular rituals in Southern Italy. Using this method, you can diagnose whether the presence of black magic in your life is real or not.

Things you will need

  • A pair of scissors a plate or a bowl
  • And obviously olive oil

The process

You will need to drop three droplets of olive oil in one small drop of water that is already inside the bowl or the plate.

Result time:

  • If after touching the water, oil forms a circle that means the black magic is present and was caused by man.
  • If the shape is not circled but elongated, it means the practitioner was a woman
  • And if there is no specific shape and the oil spreads all over the place, it means that there is no evil energy or black magic present in your case.

This is one of the easiest and effective tricks to find out whether you have been under the influence of black magic recently or if you are under the influence of black magic right now as well. People use it all the time and if you think that you are possessed you should definitely try this method and if the result comes positive then should look for the things that we have mentioned above to get rid of the black magic


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