How To Stay Safe, Kind, and Smart In This Coronavirus Crisis

April 23, 2023 4:34 am39 commentsViews: 99

There is a tension among the people regarding the life-threatening virus COVID-19. Many people are seeing taking precautions as much as they can make themselves safe from such chronic viruses. We have seen people washing their hands a lot of time in the last few weeks.  

The one thought that leads everyone throughout the day and worries in their mind like Who people in my surroundings have the virus? Do they know they have the virus? Why are people coughing? Is it even that dangerous? What if I also get the virus from them? How much is it going to spread all over the city? Are my children safe in school? Does the virus infect us all? Will people die or not? Etc, etc.,

Take a sigh of relief and be relaxed! Scientists and doctors have said this virus is not that dangerous and might need some precautions by ourselves. Do not believe in the rumors they have just got bombed by the talk of people. One only has to keep them away from public gatherings and try to clean their hands and face frequently during the day. 

The data have also shown that children seem protected and safe from getting infected with the virus. 

To keep yourself safe and protected, you need to follow these necessary steps like do not touch your face if you are out, do not eat food from outside, avoid public gatherings and social meetings. If we follow these steps for a month, we can keep ourselves and our society away from the infection of Coronavirus.

 What we need to follow further is that we need to keep our mind calm and be selective on which type of news we believe and share with our friends and family.


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