Hungary Shuts Croatia Border To Restrict Migrants’ Entry

April 27, 2023 5:07 am0 commentsViews: 103

Hungary has barred its border with Croatia to block refugees from entering the country. The migrants are desperate to get into the northern part of Europe.

Hungary Shuts Croatia Border To Restrict Migrants' Entry

The Croatian government meanwhile has said it will be diverting the migrant to Slovenia even though Hungary being a major and easy transit country to further continue the flow to Germany and Austria.

Slovenia fears more than expected migrants may be flowing into the country after the closure of Hungary-Croatia border.

Croatian interior minister Ranko Ostojic said the country has not struck any agreement with Slovenia and the turning of the route is purely their plan.

Slovenia on the other hand has stopped all the passenger trains coming from Croatia and extra police has also been deployed at the border.

However, Slovenia said until the Germany and Austria borders are open, they will continue accepting the refugees.

The razor-wire fence on the Hungary border closed Friday night at 22:00 GMT. The closure was announced by foreign minister Peter Szijjarto saying after stopping the influx the number of refugees will slow down.

Earlier too the country had sealed its border with Serbia to stop the migrants.

Hungary said transit zones will be set up on the border at two places and refugees need to submit asylum requests and entering the country will only be allowed through the official border stations.

Poland too has stepped in and its Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said the country will be sending border guards to help Hungary seal the border with Serbia.


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