Iranian President Calls Sanctions Lift As Golden Page In The Nation’s History

April 27, 2023 10:48 pm83 commentsViews: 107

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani marked Sunday as a “golden page” in the history of Iran after the world powers have lifted sanctions and the country looks forward to such an economic future that would be less dependent on oil.

Iranian President Calls Sanctions Lift As Golden Page In The Nation's History

Addressing to the Parliament he said the nuclear deal comess as an opportunity to them and they should use it in the development of the country, to create stability and security in the region and also to improve the welfare of the nation.

The sanctions and isolation were lifted after UN nuclear agency declared the country has fulfilled its commitment in scaling back its nuclear program.

Rouhani added the “Zionists” and the “warmongers” are the only unhappy ones with the new deal of Iran with international powers.

By saying so he referred Israel that has warned the country several times.

Rouhani presented a draft budget plans Sunday to the Parliament for an economic windfall. Its a $75 billion budget, higher than the previous one that was of $72 billion.

The proposed budget is for the next Iranian calendar year begining March 21 and the oil revenues will be making up less than 25 percent this time. Earlier it was 33 percent.

Late Saturday night the president also had sent out celebrity tweet calling the lift as glorious victory for the people of Iran.


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