Iraqi Army Experiencing Toughest Combat Against ISIS In Mosul: Commander

April 16, 2023 11:31 am4 commentsViews: 594

The Iraqi commanders are facing some of the most complex fighting against ISIS lately after pushing into Mosul about a week ago. It is a bitter fight like never seen before with the Islamist group. It is house to house combat, street to street, amid the civilians’ presence that is slowing down the advancing forces.


The forces say car bombs have become the main weapon of ISIS that are screaming out of garages and hitting straight into the advancing government army.

Maj. Gen. Sami al-Adridhi said the military would burn everything in the town if there were no civilians.

Sami was forced to pause the operations temporarily as too many families were found clogging the street as they couldn’t do anything.

As estimation claim about 1 million people still lives in Mosul, the most populous city held by the ISIS.

Sami expressed confidence they will regain control of Mosul but it is unsure whether things would turn up by the end of the year as Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had earlier pledged.

At the base on outskirts of Mosul the Iraqi counterterrorism troops heard voice of a field commander on radio as, “These civilians are making me tired… They are coming from everywhere. We don’t know if they are fighters or civilians. They are carrying bags — we don’t know what’s inside.”

Meanwhile, several ISIS would-be-suicide bombers were arrested too by the base camp troops in the city.


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