Is Google Allo Better For You

April 15, 2023 9:38 pm10 commentsViews: 93

Why you should get Google’s Allo is one of the biggest questions now for people who use messaging apps more than any other mode of communication. Here’s an effort to wrap down to a solution.


If looked like just a messaging app, I must say the new Allo is not great as most of the features are same that have been around for years.

However, the priority reason would be the artificial intelligence that comes with the app.

More to this, the Allo has self-destructing messages feature though it is currently made available in the incognito mode only. The messages can be set so that it expires in specific time from five seconds to one week.

Unlike Apple’s iMessage app the Allo works on Android OS as well as iOS operating system.

With All one can use Assistant. Google is also learned to be releasing an Amazon Echo like device called Home.

One can ask the assistant to show pictures like “show me pictures of dogs,” and it shows the same from Google Photos.

Saying to the assistant to show emails from Mr X the software will reach Gmail or inbox account to fetch related mails.

Similarly one can ask the assistant to show meetings scheduled for the next day, it will do the same by taking information from Google Calendar.


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