Is Google Hiring SEO Manager To Improve Its Own Ranking

April 26, 2023 10:52 am10 commentsViews: 78

Though it may sound a bit wired, but it is true Google[NASDAQ:GOOG] is looking ahead to hire an SEO manager who can help the company in improving its own rankings on search engine.

Careers page of the search giant reveals what is happening inside its Mountain View office. One of the recent job postings their lists the need of “Program Manager, Search Engine Optimization.”

Description of the job posting clearly says the person will be responsible for driving organic traffic and he or she need to hold the degree of BA/BS in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent practical experience. There are other requirements too, of course.

The big question in the minds of all internet savvy people however arises why the heck Google need an SEO. Probably the answer is very clear that it is hard to get organic traffic and someone needs to help doing it. The same is also applied for every other business relying on the web world.

In the job posting Google mentions the person who will be hired need to work with cross-functional teams and also be involved in website development and optimization. He or she need to shape up the blog and social strategy as well.

This sound interesting as it mean the company wants its own content based web properties to be more prominently visible in search.

Well, there may be other reasons too behind this hiring. Can it be the fear of Google[NASDAQ:GOOG] that its search engine may gradually become less important and someone is needed to help optimize its own properties for better results on other search engines like Bing.

It is also not to forget Google is presently facing antitrust charges in EU and the regional companies there including Yelp[NYSE:YELP], Expedia[NASDAQ:EXPE] and Foundem have blamed the search giant has abused its market power.


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