Japan, South Korea Reaches Deal On World War II Comfort Women

April 27, 2023 8:35 pm1 commentViews: 382

Foreign ministers of Japan and South Korea reached a deal on Monday to resolve decades long dispute over wartime sex slaves who were forced into Japanese military-run brothels during World War II.

Japan, South Korea Reaches Deal On World War II Comfort Women

The two delegates met in South Korean capital Seoul to finalize the deal under which Japan is to support the 46 surviving so-called ‘comfort women’ by giving $8.3 million to South Korean fund.

The new move will be seen with welcome node by Washington as both the countries are its allies in Asia and the fight between the two was a matter of concern.

If believed to historians, up to 200,000 women and girls were coerced by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II to work as sex slaves.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on the 70th anniversary milestone of World War II both the countries have made a final and irreversible solution.

Abe added they have now fulfilled the responsibility of the generation who are surviving now and the deal would be like a trigger for the two countries to cooperate and open up a new era.

Meanwhile, the South Korean President Park Geun-hye said reaching such agreement was meaningful.

Seoul also added this would be the end of their dispute if Japan fulfills his part of the agreement.


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