Kids Exposed To Second-Hand Smoke Tied To Atrial Fibrillation: Study

April 27, 2023 6:06 am23 commentsViews: 189

Researchers say people who are exposed to second-hand smoke during the early stage of their life may face higher risk of atrial fibrillation or irregular heart rhythm.

Kids Exposed To Second-Hand Smoke Tied To Atrial Fibrillation- Study

The study was conducted on about 5,000 adults from across the world by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco. All the participants were surveyed online about the exposure to second-hand smoke when they were kids, whether their parents smoked and history of their cardiovascular disease.

It was found 12 percent of the surveyed adults were suffering from atrial fibrillation. With a deep search the researchers found 40 percent of the participants who were exposed to second-hand smoke in womb or when they were kids suffered irregular heart rhythm.

Details of the study were published last week in the HeartRhythm medical journal. It writes the researchers adjusted other risk factors like age, sex, substance abuse, physical activity and more.

According to Dutch researcher Dr. Cuno S.P.M. Uiterwaal, the new finding points smoke exposure has a long term consequences.

Dr Uiterwaal was not involved in the study. He said the best way to reduce the risk of atrial fibrillation is to prevent the womb and children from second-hand smoke.


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