Kim Kardashian Has Stopped Smiling To Cameras?

April 26, 2023 4:05 pm4 commentsViews: 904

Kim Kardashian is not smiling these days. All her recent pics in newspapers and magazines are missing it. But what is the reason of sudden non-smiling of the reality TV star is a big question.

Kim Kardashian Has Stopped Smiling To Cameras

The wife of rapper Kanye West is currently pregnant and she has gained weight. About her new body-size critics have started commenting in some really odd way like why she can’t stop eating.

Kim has been reading tons and tons of such comments every day and some of those are really hard to deal with. People are dumping her as she has now gone fat. This is the reason she has stopped smiling on cameras.

Earlier she was always smiling and people use to appreciate her. Now the same people have started calling her fat and posting stories about her.

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Amid such odd stories, it is also true she recently became the most popular celebrities on Instagram with more than 44 million followers.


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