Long-Lost Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb Discovered

April 26, 2023 11:18 am10 commentsViews: 72

Treasure hunters and archaeologists across the world may have a reason to rejoice today as an untouched lavish, intact tomb of Queen Nefertiti (as believed) have been discovered in the Valley of Kings outside Luxor. It is smaller compared to other Egyptian pharaohs and depicts a typical layout of queens.

Archaeologists say they may have discovered the resting place of queen that was being searched by their colleagues for more than several decades.

According to British archaeologist Nicholas Reeves from University of Arizona, the implications are extraordinary. He and his team studied the high-resolution scans of burial chamber walls before making the announcement.

Cracks have been revealed and it suggests the existence of two passages that were plastered to work as a block.

Well, the claim is right or wrong is still a question. Time will surely answer it, but as of now if the hypothesis of Dr Reeves is correct, it may be regarded as incredible and to be listed in the long series of “Holy Grail Found.”

Dr Reeves was searching for the queen’s tomb during his duration as director of the Amearna Royal Tombs Project between 1998 and 2002 too. He once said had believed strongly the queen may have been buried in the valley of the Kings.Besides, it is also being said there are several other wonders too which are left to discover.

The King Tut’s tomb was discovered by English Egyptologist Howard Carter and he had mentioned thereafter more things are still waiting to get discovered.

Dr Chris Cumberpatch from The British Archaeological Trust said new techniques are now being developed to help them analyse for what purpose a pot was used, whether to store honey or to brew beer. He too said other wonderful things are still left to be found after the discovery of Queen Nefertiti’s tomb.


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