Lucy Pargeter Maintained Secrecy Of IVF Treatment With Emmerdale Bosses

April 17, 2023 7:04 pm36 commentsViews: 302

Crossroads actress Lucy Pargeter is pregnant through IVF treatment and twin girls are due on May 3. Talking to This Morning lately she revealed to have kept the efforts a secret from her Emmerdale bosses as she knew it will affect the storyline and other things of the show.

The 39-year-old tried for IVF earlier too in 2015 but it was harder compared to the second one.

Currently she is on maternity leave which started just this week.

She and her husband Rudi Coleano are parents to a 11-year-old Lola with who the actress is open about the IVF.

Later she is willing to educate women on pregnancies at older age.

Lucy added, “Getting pregnant can be harder when you get older… There’s a massive chunk of education that needs to be given. I want to do something to raise fertility awareness for older woman because I really think it should be talked about.”

The babies may arrive in mid-April as twins are rarely allowed to go over 37 weeks.

Explaining dilemma the actress added further, “We’ve talked about a C-section and a natural birth. With twins, you often have one naturally and one can end up being a C-section.”


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