Met Issues Severe Snow Warning Across UK

April 27, 2023 10:41 pm96 commentsViews: 87

Severe weather warnings have been issued for large parts of the UK amid heavy snow this weekend and temperatures reaching about -10C in some areas.

Met Issues Severe Snow Warning Across UK

The Met Office said a 100-mile corridor of snow may hit the country and this will lead to difficult driving conditions. The snow to move to southern England from western Scotland through Saturday.

The freezing conditions can be experienced in most parts of UK and Met Office has come up with yellow ice warnings for the area between east coast of Scotland and England. The warnings also covers Wales, Northern Ireland, Midlands and some parts of the south-west England.

According to the Met Office, by Saturday evening the temperaturs will further drop due to clear skies. This will turn cyclepaths and untreated footpaths icy. Sunday morning too will be freezing foggy.

The lowest temperatures will be seen in the rural parts of the Highlands and Aberdeenshire and snow could fall to around 5cm to 10cm.

The Met Office said, “Outbreaks of sleet and snow will spread from the North West on Saturday.”

The Met Office also added with warnings for travelers to be aware of difficult in driving conditions.


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