Mosul Doctors Unable To Handle Increasing Residents Fled From ISIS Control

April 16, 2023 10:39 pm24 commentsViews: 110

The makeshift trauma center near Iraqi city Mosul is unable to treat the huge influx of wounded people who are either shot by Islamic State snippers or injured when mortars had hit their homes.

The doctors deployed at the center reapeat about a dozen times a day along with his skeleton staff identify a wound, try to stabilize those wounds, give some time waiting for an ambulance and hope the injured people survives the journey to the hospital that to take two hours to reach.

Deployed doctors at the center are struggling to meet the demand amid ongoing offensive against the Islamic State.

It is learned more than a third of civilians who fled are in need of trauma care. Head of Iraq mission for the World Health Organization (WHO), Altaf Musani, said worst is yet to arrive as the most densely populated area of the city is under militants control.

WHO is currently coordinating medical efforts for people of Mosul and about 100,000 displaced residents.

Senior health official for Nineveh province, Ahmed Doberdani, said huge military operation is underway in Mosul.


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