North Korea Announces Five-Year Space Plan

April 19, 2023 9:33 am14 commentsViews: 211

Apart from attempting to become a nuclear powerhouse, North Korea announced Monday its five-year space plan too.

In a report published in the country’s main newspaper Rodong Sinmun, the Kim Jong Un government cites goals of improving the economy and livelihood of its people.

North Korea stepped into the space venture in 1998 by attempting to launch satellites, but success was first achieved in December 2012. However, even after achieving stable orbit the satellite couldn’t transmit data back to earth.

In February 2016 it was reported by Reuters the country launched a long-range rocket carrying a satellite, just few weeks after the fifth nuclear test.

Monday’s announcement is looked by some experts Kim is looking ahead of launching more satellites to test its ballistic missile technology.

Last month the country launched an intermediate-range missile over Japan following sixth nuclear weapon test.

Many defines Kim as a micro-manager who introduced new officials to identify problems earlier faced in the missile programs. He is well aware of the strength and deficiencies. He knows the problems and also how to solve those by bringing in new people.

One such is rocket scientist Kim Jong Sik who has identified key issues in North Korea’s missile program.


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