North Korea Jams GPS Systems Of South Korea; Faces Fresh Warnings

April 28, 2023 5:19 am3 commentsViews: 70

Shortly after new warnings received from the leaders of United States, South Korea and Japan, North Korea tested one another missile in a series since January this year.

The leaders of three nations pledged to work closer together to prevent Pyongyang from advancing its missile and nuclear programs.

The latest test was a short-range missile into the sea. It is alleged to have attempted jamming GPS navigation signals in South Korea.

Seoul officials claims the attempt was unable to jam GPS signals and also didn’t cause any major disruptions of South Korean military, sea and aviation transport and telecommunication systems.

However, tons of fishing boats reported to have faced problems with their navigation systems and were even forced to return to their ports.

South Korean ministry warned the North in a statement to stop all the efforts of jamming GPS signals or face unspecified consequences.

Seoul claims the North has tried jamming several times their GPS signals and this week’s attempt are the first since 2012.

North Korea also fired a surface-to-air missile today three days after it launched a projectile that crashed in land.

United States President Barack Obama met leaders of Japan and South Korea in Washington to discuss ways of countering the nuclear threat of North Korea. He also met Chinese President Xi Jinping to fully implement economic restrictions imposed by UN on North Korea.


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