Pope Urges Kenyan Religious Leaders Engage In Dialogue To Bring Peace

April 27, 2023 12:37 pm4 commentsViews: 159

Pope Francis has urged the Christian as well as Muslims leaders of Kenya to engage in dialogue between religions in the continent and to teach younger ones violence in the name of God is not justified.

Pope Urges Kenyan Religious Leaders Engage In Dialogue To Bring Peace

The Argentine pope is on a five-day, three-nation African tour with his first stop to Kenya followed by Uganda and the Central African Republic.

Francis met Thursday Muslim and other religious leaders before celebrating his first public Mass in Africa. He said in the name of religion and God young people are being radicalized to sow discord and fear, and also to tear at the fabric of the societies.

He added the inter-religious dialogue should not be considered as a luxury or something optional, but it should be seen as an essential part. He also stressed the name of religion or God should never be used to justify violence and hatred.

The pope referred to the 2013’s Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall attack by al Shabaab Islamist group of Somalia and also the assault on Garissa university earlier this year.

According to latest update from Nairobi police about 300,000 faithful people attended the Mass amid rain showers. Francis issued a strong appeal for traditional family values in his speech.


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