Prince William To Appear On Cover Of LGBT Magazine Attitude

April 14, 2023 5:06 am0 commentsViews: 159

Prince William is feared on the cover of an LGBT magazine Attitude and becomes the first royal ever to do so.

Prince William To Appear On Cover Of LGBT Magazine Attitude

The British LGBT magazine met with him and few others for a discussion at his Kensington Palace over endured homophobic bullying.

In a released statement after the meeting with Attitude the Prince said people should not get bullied over sexuality and other reasons.

William’s appearance on the magazine cover comes after just few days of mass shooting at gay nightclub in Orlando. He signed a book of condolence along with his wife Princess Kate at the US Embassy in London to pay respects to the victims.

The Prince said young gay, lesbian and transgender people were brave to speak out to him after meeting through Attitude mentioning their feeling going through terrible bullying.

They have been suffering from low self-esteem, eating disorders, suicide attempts, drug addiction and depression too.

According to Attitude editor Matthew Todd the Prince wants to help such people and also urge others to stop being unkind to them.

Todd’s new book titled Straight Jacket: How to be Gay and Happy has hit the shelves this week.

Prince’s spokesman said the Duke of Cambridge is working to support fight against bullying knowing LGBT suffer unacceptably.

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