Recommended Fitness Program at Midlife and for Seniors

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Yoga sometimes is described as a panacea for all ailments of the middle-aged man from indigestion, hair loss, bad backs, joi

Yoga for Hair Loss

Losing scalp hair can be genetic. Hair can also be lost during times of stress, diet, or due to illness or medications.Inversions increase circulation to the scalp. Blood nourishes the area.

Proper breathing will decrease tension and anxiety. A calm mind puts the body back in balance so stress related problems such as hair loss could diminish.

Yoga for Middle Aged Weight Loss

Yoga also emphasizes a proper diet.and has been shown to decrease middle-aged spread. Any regular exercise that moves a person off the couch will induce some weight loss and feeling of well-being, but yoga can benefit in the following ways:

Ashtanga yoga is an athletic yoga building up heat within the body and can effectively be combined with a weight loss program.

Bikram is very popular for those wanting to get thin and initially heats the body externally by an over heated room. Water weight via sweat, is instantly dropped and with decreased food consumption, pounds are also lost.

Yoga for Men with Achy Joints and Bad Backs

Undoubtedly, yoga is a program that will increase flexibility. Select a Hatha style with props or Iyengar yoga that is ideal for modify poses and easing the body into a posture. Massaging with a bolster may help break up tight fibrous muscle tissue. A good instructor should be aware of back problems to modify the body and strengthen opposing areas to eventually diminish the problem. Yoga isn’t really about extreme flexibility, although becoming more limber in mind and body is an inevitability of the practice regardless of the age it is started. Regular practice can lubricate joints and help back pain.


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